Monday, September 2, 2019

Body in Bloom Petunia Blush Hand Soap and Bodyxpert Mint Body Wash

And it's the Ber months. I often see posts recommending Christmas gift ideas and gift sets featuring beauty products but reviews about them, not that much. I enjoy gift ideas posts as they make gift hunting easier but reviews would push me to get something awesome (and likely gift myself with one as well) or help me stay clear from gifting someone something not that good. Maybe people just get stuff for others without trying them out first. Or maybe they think said stuff would no longer be available the following year so why write how they fare.

Body in Bloom Petunia Blush Hand Soap is one of those seasonal bath products which one can find in Watson's when September starts to slink in. It's a returning product, in a different get-up. Mine was a gift and is the current hand soap on my bathroom sink.

body in bloom petunia blush hand soap

Ingredients: aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, cocamidopropyl betaine, peg-150 distearate, dmdm hydantoin, parfum, disodium edta, cl14700, cl17200

If these ingredients seem familiar it's because they are the same as the ingredients of the Body in Bloom Hand Soaps which are part of a couple of gift sets (Body in Bloom Ice Cream Treats in Vanilla Sorbet, Body in Bloom Blueberry Cheesecake and Body in Bloom Cupcake Treats in Sweet Strawberry) I have blogged about last year.

Body in Bloom Petunia Blush Hand Soap has a Petunia Amber scent. I have a thing for Victoria's Secret Amber Romance so I can tell the amber right off the bottle of this hand soap. I am not familiar with petunias though so I can't say if the sweet floral scent which becomes more prevalent than the amber during sudsing is accurate. The scent does not stay around.

It easily produces a fine lather. Body in Bloom Petunia Blush Hand Soap does a decent job of cleaning my hands. It's also non-drying.

bodyxpert mint body wash

I think this is no longer available, but I kept the container of my Bodyxpert Mint Body Wash. My niece uses it when she plays house. Read on to know why I want to talk about this.

I am used to body washes being opaque and shower gels being translucent so that was what I expected but Bodyxpert Mint Body Wash was a translucent green with a consistency similar to the above Body in Bloom Petunia Blush Hand Soap. Maybe because they have similar listed ingredients with only the colorants and scents being different?

Ingredients: aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, cocamidopropyl betaine, peg-150 distearate, dmdm hydantoin, parfum, disodium edta, cl8820, c74100

My skin did not experience wintry Christmas season feels with this body wash. The minty action was limited to its scent. Bodyxpert Mint Body Wash smelled like peppermint and reminded me of candy canes. While in the shower. Because sadly, that pepperminty scent was also like the days leading to Christmas. You'd wonder where it went. I remember needing a good amount to suds up my entire body. The fine lather did not gave way to slippery feels and my skin seemed just a bit velvety after bathing.

Body in Bloom and Bodyxpert products are imported by the same company, Lifestrong. Glamworks (See my review for Glamworks Addicted to You Fragrance Mist.) is also from the same company. All of the products I've tried are made in China. All of them have fragrances that do not last long.

Which is a shame, really, because other than the eye-catching packaging, affordability and accompanying cutesy items like pencil cases, the promise of a fancy fragrance is one of the draws of these products and gift sets. I would have been happier if they stayed with me far longer.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Delon Olive Shampoo and Unicare Cream Nature Perfume Body Wash

I'm that person who would hit the sale/promo section at the supermarket before seeking out the items on my grocery list in their assigned shelves. I get a high out of scoring things with a freebie or  cheaper than they usually are. Yes, I'm mababaw. But wouldn't you feel bad when you learn that the milk pack you purchased could have gotten you a water jug similar to a Coleman's had you dropped by the sale/promo area?

So while I was perusing the toothpastes on said section (The usual Colgate Fresh Confidence Gel Red Extreme or stripe-y Triple Action Anti-Cavity?) I spotted the Scotch-taped Unicare Perfume Body Washes which were buy one get one. A lone Delon Olive Shampoo sat next to the bottles. It's about half the price of a mainstream shampoo (Sunsilk, Dove). In the cart they went with the red toothpaste.

unicare perfume body wash

For the Unicare Perfume Body Wash, I picked Cream Nature over Sensual Amour and Enchanted because the fresh floral fragrance seems familiar. While it is nice, said fragrance of Unicare Cream Nature Perfume Body Wash is as fleeting as that memory which refuses to fully form, gone in 2 hours. On the plus side, a small amount produces a lot of fine lather. As with most shower gels, creams and body washes, it imparts a slippery feel on skin upon rinsing, a smooth sensation after towel-drying.

delon olive shampoo

Discounting mainstream products that list olive oil as one but not the main ingredient (like Moringa-O2) since those usually take on a different scent, the only olive-infused bath product that has ever graced my bathroom that I could recall is Body Shop's Olive Shower Gel and it does not smell like Delon Olive Shampoo. Well, they both do not smell exactly like edible olive oil. Delon Olive Shampoo has a fresh, citrusy floral unisex scent that is not as strong as mainstream shampoo brands in the Philippines and not as long lasting. The Delon Olive Shampoo I got was manufactured in Canada, btw.

Olive oil has always been regarded for its moisturizing ability in the world of skin/haircare. The sixth ingredient in the label, I was hoping the blurb on the bottle would hold true. It generally does not.

Delon Olive Shampoo cleans well, yes, but it also strips my hair dry. For some reason, shampoos claiming to be mild and gentle do not work well on my hair. (Hello Kao Feather Nature Plus Mild and Gentle Shampoo!)  I guess I'd reach for this shampoo only when my hair gets extra oily and weighed down.

A bit runny, I need a good amount of Delon Olive Shampoo to lather up my thick, shoulder-length hair. Whereas if I were to use a mainstream shampoo, I would only need half.

Taking all of these into account, I feel that it would have been better for me to have bought a mainstream shampoo instead.

I guess that's the good thing with products on sale/promo, when they turn out so-so or average, wallet damage is not as painful.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Baby Bench Cologne in Bubblegum Review and Recalling Daiso / Saizen's Carnival Scents

There was this post that circulated over facebook and twitter sometime ago.

Grade School: Baby Cologne 
High School: Daily Scent 
College: Bench/Penshoppe 
Working: Vicks/Efficascent/Katinko/Omega

It's a generalization of what scent an age group usually wears. Except in high school, our generation were into colognes formulated/made in Spain (Nenuco, Denenes and Angel's Breath) and those colognes in bottles you can squeeze. The one who originally posted this may have overlooked the fact that Daily Scent is a cologne line from Bench and Bench has baby colognes, Baby Bench Colonia. But we know what they are getting at.

Anyway, I don't go to school anymore and yet I have all of the above in my dresser. One of them being Baby Bench Cologne, well Baby Bench Colonia, in Bubblegum.

baby bench Colonia bubblegum

Baby Bench Cologne in Bubblegum does not straight up smell like bubblegum. Some names of the colognes in the Baby Bench Colonia line are a misnomer since they don't smell as such.  Ice Mint is not minty and Jelly Bean is not jelly bean-ish.

Because their website only carries a general description of the line and not of the individual scents, this is kinda frustrating. Also the caps are sealed. I'm actually for sealed bottle caps because this prevents crazy consumers from testing the product in stores where there are no testers. Not at Bench stores but yes I've seen people using beauty products for sale and not testers on themselves. Like lipsticks, eyeshadows, lotions and scents. It's unhygienic and unfair for the actual customer who will buy the product not knowing it has already been tampered with. I've called out some or reported them to sales people. Reporting had gotten mixed reactions, often the sales personnel would just stare at me blankly.

Anyways, the sealed caps prevent the scent from spreading out that it's hard to tell what the colognes smell like. Yes, I know scents change depending on one's chemistry and that sniffing a bottle is not the best way to get to know a scent but at least you have an idea what the product smells like. If it helps, according to Millet Mananquil's article in the Philippines Star, these are the Baby Bench Colognes and how they generally smell: Bubble Gum (citrus floral - I agree with this), Ice Mint (floral powdery), Lemon Drop (citrus), Gummy Bear (fruity floral), Jelly Bean (floral), Popsicle (citrus fougere) and Cotton Candy (green fruity).

saizen carnival scents vanilla sundae

Of the scents I have tried in the past, the no longer available Carnival Scents from Daiso when it was still Saizen were the two of those most true to their names. I have not encountered actual vanilla bean before, but the Vanilla Sundae was vanilla flavoring my mom would use in the kitchen. There's not much creaminess, nor sweetness. It's a bit bitter. Carnival Scents Bubblegum was bubblegum I would get from sari-sari stores when I was a kid. Their smell were stronger when I sweat or I'm not in an air-conditioned room. Otherwise, their sillage, like their longevity, were poor.

saizen carnival scents bubblegum

First time I tried Baby Bench Cologne in Bubblegum, I doused myself aplenty thinking I couldn't smell it on me. The airy and a-bit-sweet fragrance just sits there and takes a minute before it pops. Compared to Bench Daily Scents, the scent does not last long so I tend to consume a bottle pretty fast. Still, these and not smelling exactly like bubblegum do not stop Baby Bench Cologne in Bubblegum from appearing on the Watson's Philippines' website as a best selling cologne. I think this is because Baby Bench Cologne in Bubblegum smells fresh much like those Spanish colognes I've mentioned above. And I guess, if you are of the younger set (Johnson's was the baby cologne of my time), it reminds you of babies or being babied, maybe home.