Monday, October 9, 2017

Ariel Power Gel with the Freshness of Downy Passion Review

Suddenly, mom was convinced that powder detergents leave residues that damage the washing machine. Hence, we got into liquid detergents, starting with Ariel Power Gel with the Freshness of Downy Passion.

In the Philippines, people use powder more than liquid detergents for machine-washed clothes. Could be because it's what we're used to. Could be because of the sucky water supply system in most areas. One simply couldn't get a fully automatic washing machine without considering water supply. Ours is a semi-automatic twin tub which I hope to review next time.

Since it was a trial run, we got sachets. I would use a sachet for 20 pieces of clothing. Normally it's a scoop of Ariel Antibac laundry detergent (powder form) for that wash load.

Ariel Power Gel with the Freshness of Downy Passion is not really in gel form. It's more like a thick light red liquid. It does not bubble up as much as powder detergents. It's not as drying on one's hands as the Ariel Antibac.  The latter leaves a sticky sensation on my hands. Not Ariel Power Gel.

While Ariel Power Gel left our clothes smelling better than Ariel Antibac, I believe that its cleaning ability is just at par with the latter.

What I don't like about Ariel Power Gel is that it weakens cloth fibers. Nakakarupok. I ended up with several damaged shirts and house clothes after using it. It has happened before with the Ariel Antibac but gradually. With Ariel Power Gel it was boom! Holey clothes, Batman. From a shirt pilling to my.trusty tank top tearing as I rinse it to my favorite house dress ripping as I move while wearing it. In its TV ad, it claims to keep the colors of clothes from fading. Unfortunately, because it abrades cloth fibers, the prints become splotchy.

So I guess we will be skipping Ariel Power Gel with the Freshness of Downy Passion next time we make our supermarket run.  Lint is a given, but finding bits of cloth at the bottom of the washer  is not the kind of residue we're expecting.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

SM Bonus Bacon, Bird Flu and Super Mega Companies Who Care Only About Themselves

In recent months, I learned the hard way, like a blow to the head, that some massive companies would save their asses first and not take responsibility or show/express remorse/regret for the pain, suffering and distress they have cost you and your family.

Because, really, these premier companies and most of their employees only care about the company. They do not care about you. They may show that they supposedly care via foundations and CSRs but that's all there is to it, for show.  Besides aren't they enjoying tax perks with those foundations? Aren't they getting media mileage with those CSRs? While not very popular giant companies have been donating stuff /helping out without fanfare, these gargantuan companies are all about hype. When it comes to dealing with individual customers, well, you're just a speck to them. You're nothing. Most of their employees will protect the company. Never you.

We're a couple of kilometers from bird flu ground zero. So to be on the safe side, the family has refrained from eating chicken, quail, chicken and quail eggs and other products that have chicken and quail eggs (like bread) a couple of weeks ago. Never mind government agencies saying it's safe already to consume them. Like our two barangay ambulances are anywhere around when you need them.

Back to mammoth companies, I bet they will tell you that it is hard to prove that the only chicken you've consumed is their chicken even if you have the receipt as proof. Because, hey, you were okay when you left their establishment and it's only a few days later that you're not feeling well and in that span of time a lot of things could have happened. They will tell you their product / system is perfect. They will insinuate that something is wrong on your end when clearly the evidence points to them as culpable. As what most complainants have pointed out: would we make a complaint, risk ridicule, take the time, spend the money, show proof, if we are at fault?

Abstaining from chicken isn't really bad especially if you're into seafood. 'Sides, there are a lot of yummy foods out there. Like bacon. But not this bacon.

SM Bonus Honeycured Bacon tastes like bacon that's been soaked in water first. The bacon taste barely registers.  It barely smells like bacon either. Some of the slices even look like ham or are a tad too thick. Sayang P230 ko.

Anyways, what's that other word for big? Monstrous is just about right.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Avon Kate's World Pretty Magical and Pretty Rockin Body Spritzes Review

Although generally I am into citrus scents, I do believe life is too short to live for just a signature fragrance.
I tend to switch fragrances depending on where I am going, the season and if it's night or day. I find Fragrantica a very useful guide in determining whether the scent I have is better for cold or warm weather. See, some scents can be suffocating or do not linger as much if used when the temperature is all wrong.

avon kate's world pretty magical

Since it's the brrr months, I'm now using the last few mls of Avon Kate's World Body Spritzes which have been with me for a couple of years now. Sugary, creamy Pretty Magical and Pretty Rockin smell strong initially, taper off then gone by the time I take my mid-morning snack.

Of the two, I like Avon Kate's World Pretty Magical Body Spritz more because of the layers. I can easily detect the floral and fruity notes on first whiff before sweet vanilla takes over. Fragrantica mentions the notes as sugar, fruity notes, wildflower and vanilla. It's good for daytime use during the cooler days in a tropical country like the Philippines.

I prefer Avon Kate's World Pretty Rockin Body Spritz for evenings. Its musk and almond milk notes as listed by Fragrantica are quite strong that the floral (freesia) and fruity (orange) notes are drowned out. Initially, I mistook the smell of musk and almond milk as vanilla. So yeah, for me Kate's World Pretty Magical segues into Kate's World Pretty Rockin seamlessly should  I want to use the former for days, the latter for nights. The change is not jarring.

Kate's World Body Spritzes sold in the Philippines are housed in plastic bottles sans boxes. Well, Avon has already boxed Kate's World as for teens with their packaging and pricing. Each bottle has a picture of a barbie-sque young woman which some teenage girl or someone younger might aspire to be. Maybe they thought these could be transition scents to ready teens for their more "grown-up" fragrances in the form of EDTs and EDPs. I, however, think that Kate's World Pretty Rockin and Pretty Magical Body Spritzes would also appeal to femmes a bit older (ahem). But would it appeal to a thirty-something woman to whip out a body spritz with a girly print when she's trying to project severe and serious?

For more on Avon products, drop by or visit their facebook page. Avon products are available online at at or at Avon dealers.