Monday, March 12, 2018

The Chosen One Ice Cream of Meycauayan

The Chosen One Ice Cream is a pretty popular ice cream brand in Meycauayan and for good reason.

chosen one ice cream meycauayan bulacan

Local ice cream is generally called sorbetes (ask the older folks) and when they're sold off the streets they get referred to as dirty ice cream because people assume that things you don't buy from stores are dirty. Also because they are often churned at the backyard of a local entrepreneur and not at the factory of a multinational company or a fancy gelato shop. The humble dirty ice cream has come a long way. Now one can rent a sorbetero cart for parties or buy them in containers just like other commercial ice cream. Some commercial ice cream brands have started calling their Filipino ice cream flavors, like ube and halo-halo, sorbetes with one brand naming its more affordable line as such, the flavors often the ones you would find in a sorbetero cart.

I'm referring to The Chosen One Ice Cream as a sorbetes/dirty ice cream because that's how they taste like, like the ones you can get from a sorbetero cart, especially their chocolate flavor. Not that that's a bad thing. Really, it's hard to compete with nostalgia (as The X-Files Revival found out, further pointed out by S11E4, even if Season 11 is quite good.). You know, slurping ice cream from a sugar cone while waiting for your turn at piko or whatever your childhood memory is with dirty ice cream. The Chosen One Ice Cream is quite creamy no matter the flavor you decide on. In your mouth, you'll notice that they do not have much air bubbles. They're not cloyingly sweet. You can taste the flavor and not the sugar. The chocolate ice cream has tiny marshmallow bits but mango remains as my favorite of the lot.

My brother said that there's also a store that sells dirty ice cream in plastic containers near their place in Makati. Cheaper, just as good but the packaging is much better. So yeah, The Chosen One ought to upgrade their containers. Lids of the one liter ones are not sturdy enough that they crack at the edges from all the opening and closing.

A liter of ice cream is around P100+. They also sell one liter containers with two flavors. Their facebook page lists their flavors as chcolate, mango, cheese, buko salad, buko pandan, langka, cookies and cream, avocado, ube and strawberry.

We usually get our The Chose One Ice Cream from their store near the Meycauayan Public Market. It's to your left just by the entrance if you are coming from the St. Francis of Assisi Church. For more information on The Chosen One Ice Cream, like contact numbers, pricing and party packages, visit their facebook page.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wash Variants and Partial Review

Since it's almost summer, there's going to be that overwhelming need to make an effort to keep clean and feel cool and fresh. And so why not take advantage of all those products in the market that can help make summer much more bearable?

For one, there are now feminine washes that promise other things like lightening (in time for bikini season) aside from the usual odor protection and relief from sticky feels.

lactacyd feminine wash samples sachets

Now years later, after discontinuing the Lactacyd Confidence range and reverting to the original bottle shape, the current Lactacyd Feminine Wash crop is made up of 7 variants.

The descriptions below were taken from Lactacyd Philippines website:
1.Teens is for teens. Because, they say, teens have different body chemistry.
2. Protecting is all about irritation, itch and odor protection from ph imbalance due to activities and humidity.
3. All Day Care (Cleansing) provides gentle all day freshness and everyday clean feeling.
4. White Intimate (Whitening) promises to whiten the bikini area.
5. Cool & Fresh (Cooling) soothes the feeling of stickiness due to heat while keeping you fresh longer.
6. Revitalize (Youth-reviving) promotes skin elasticity and softness.
7. Odor Block offers 24 hour protection against odor.  No info yet on the website for this latest variant.

So many options. I've asked myself why they wouldn't just come up with an all-in-one feminine wash. For those who can't decide what to get, Lactacyd has a quiz to guide you on its website. Or you could just check product deets.

The ones of the current range that have landed in my bathroom so far are:
1. Lactacyd Protecting Daily Feminine Wash, the original variant I believe, has a strong powdery floral scent which I think is similar to the no longer available Lactacyd Confidence Charm. Take care in tipping the wash into your palm. It's really watery.
2. Lactacyd Cool and Fresh Cooling Daily Feminine Wash is almost similar in scent to Protecting if a bit subdued and with a hint of mint. It has menthol in its ingredients but it won't make you feel all tingly. It's like the other Lactacyd feminine washes, I experienced no cooling effect.
3. Lactacyd White Intimate Whitening Daily Feminine Wash is a bit cloudy and thicker than the other two. The smell reminds me of The Body Shop's Aqua Lily. Beyond that I'm not going to feed anyone's imagination. Go try it for yourself and find out if it works.

The Lactacyd variants I've used do not sting nor cause itchiness or any discomfort. They sud well and are easily rinsed off.

Lactacyd Protecting Daily Feminine Wash is made locally while the rest are made in Vietnam, which seems to be the country where a lot of beauty and skincare products are manufactured these days.

The Lactacyd products in the picture above were samples. That does not mean I haven't tried Lactacyd products before. Otherwise, I wouldn't even be able to compare previous incarnations of Lactacyd. For more on Lactacyd feminine washes, visit their website or check out their facebook page.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Shabu-Shabu at the New Divisoria Mall Food Court

new divisoria mall maki mi shabu shabu

We forgot the name of the place because really, our dining experience at this establishment needs to be forgotten. Maybe not before relating said experience.

I'm talking about the Shabu-Shabu food stall right next to Juan Sarap. It's the first food stall to your left when you step off the escalator fronting Tabora St., on the third floor of the New Divisoria Mall.

It's still cold on mornings that we decided soup was still in order when we found ourselves at the food court of the mall  My sister decided on a set meal of siomai, rice, shabu-shabu and gulaman. Maki Mi for me.

The soup of their Shabu-Shabu is spicy, the first time we encountered such. Sissy didn't get a say on what went into the soup as it's part of a set. There's crabstick, squidball and, weirdly enough, maki roll, two pieces each.

Their Maki Mi is a bit sweet. They dusted their Maki Mi with ground pepper before serving but even that barely registered over the sweetness. There was a generous amount of pork but they're starchy.

What got to us was the fact that they dare serve my sister's rice on a broken plate. We only uncovered the crack at the center of the plastic plate when my sister was halfway through her rice.

To everyone in the food business out there, never ever serve your customers food on any broken, cracked, chipped dinnerware. Never assume that just because your establishment is located at a place frequented mostly by masa, those who don't belong to the upper economic classes, it's okay to not care about your dinnerware or service. Especially if your pricing is not naman pangmasa, not exactly cheap. Because trust us, if it's something you can control, we will care. To come back or in this case, not.